Lovely Sunday and NO DEX!

We are having a beautiful Indian summer. Cool at night , warm in the day. The air smells like fall.

we are having a tree guy come out today. We are losing 3 ponderosa pines to bark beetles. I hope that’s it. These are very big trees but fortunately they are down in our woods. Still we could saved that money for the giant tree near our house that needs to come out. We will see what he says.

I’m in the kitchen zone this week. Always a big cleaning job. I’ve made quinoa for the week and I’m going to make some polenta. I’ve got chili in the crock pot and will make a vegetarian version later. Oh, last night I made the home made tortillas and they were great. Really easy. So that’s cool.

so this is my Sunday without dex. It’s kinda weird but in a good way. I’m still unsure how I feel about it. On the one hand ,wow, it’s great. No up and downs. But then I’m nervous about revlimid working alone. Well, we ‘ll just have to wait and see..

B and I are off to town to get chicken food and a few things. He rented the wood splitter,yesterday and him and my daughter did a huge amount. It’s nice to see all that wood ready to go.