Tragic day in Auburn, California

It’s a very sad day for us in the foothills. A sheriffs deputy was shot and killed by some nut. Also, a Sacramento deputy was killed. This is such a tragedy. We live less than 10 minutes from Auburn, and it’s always been our little town to shop, bank etc. to have some nut drive up from Sacramento after killing a deputy there and terrorizing the whole south of town is unheard of. The schools were on lock down and the roads blocked. They did capture him, he wasn’t killed. My heart goes out to this deputy’s family and all the placer county deputy’s that put there life on the line. Such a tragedy.

We have our bake and book sale today at the library. It’s suppose to rain, but doesn’t look it right now.

I hope we get a lot of sales. I made chocolate chip cookies and I’m bringing the extra loaf if artisan bread.  I figure maybe some wants to buy homemade bread. I’ll put $2.00 on it.