Budget Thursday and the fire in Placerville ,ca

B came with me to shop at trader joes, winco, Costco and even a new Grocery outlet. We did really well with lots of pantry staple stuff. Not sure how much is actual meal things but I can certainly work the pantry and freezer. Overall, about $250, and that included non food, alcohol(2.50 buck chuck at TJ’s) . So I think we did pretty good.

This fire over in Placerville,ca is scarey. The sky has had huge plumes of smoke. Here in Meadow vista, we’ve seen it but not too much smoke. It’s still scarey some nutcase would start this. For what? Who knows.

It’s way cooler tonight and tomorrow we will see how cool it is. I’m at the library till 2. The Subaru is still in the shop and I’m going to call to check on it tomorrow.

UPS brought my revlimid today. Tonight is my last pill, and then I’ll have a week before my next blood test. It gets tiring dealing with what day is it, when do I get this, but I guess that’s just the way it is and I’m grateful to be doing well.

its been kinda a hard week, not feeling great, car stuff etc, but maybe that the best it can be so…

We’re still getting up to walk , just a little later to coincide with it getting lighter. So, around 6:05 or so.

I’ll update our days and miles soon.

Next week we are going up to Tahoe, but we just found out I-80 is supposed to be closed sometime during that time, so now we’re not sure if we can get there.

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