Monday morning!

I did get a car rental, it’s a little Kia. It was a pain and hertz where I live was not very customer friendly. It took 2 hours and it was almost a no go, as even though AAA arranged the rental the day before, there wasn’t a car ready for me. So at the last minute someone came in and I got this Kia. 

Library has been very slow. I told my co worker you can’t run a business like this. Friday our circs were16. Yes, that’s 16 checkouts. Wow. I think that’s a record. So, this week I’m there alone, but I don’t work Thursday. She’s off for the week, it’s about time. Her job is pretty easy but it is time consuming.

So, Sunday was dex day. Got the whole kitchen zone done. Today, just some vacuuming and odds and ends. Our apples are ready so I may start some applesauce.

Budget is blown again with our vet bill for Blackie. But that’s what EF money is for. Not that there’s any left now:(

Well, not much else new. We did take a load to good will yesterday. And tomorrow I have a huge food bank load to take to the one across the street from the library. Actually I may go today.

we also moved a chair our of the front room into S’s studio, now that the GF is t out there. Next, is getting rid of an old couch out in the barn. We will put it down at the corner for free. Usually stuff goes there.