Update on the Subaru

It went well yesterday. Saw the Allstate guy, got it squared away, and the Subaru is in the shop already. It’ll be 2 weeks, so I’m trying to arrange a rental, as this car juggling is a bit much. But it went very smoothly, and I’m really impressed with Allstate and how they handled it .

My daughters driving me to Costco to shop in her VW. And then I hope we can get the rental squared away.

It was payday and both are checks are short. Mine because I only worked a few hours, B’s not sure, but it’s always something.

Ode to Blackie!

We lost our sweet black bean yesterday. He was a ferral cat that adopted us many years ago. It took him almost a year to come close, and at the end he slept in my lap. He was bleeding from the mouth yesterday,so my daughter rushed him down to our vet. He had a tumor rupture so there was nothing we could do. I don’t like this vet office as everything is $$$$. As it was it ended up $325, just to do what was necessary. It seems a little steep to me and we still had to euthanize him. S dug a nice place for him and buried him with a can of food, catnip and a binkie.   image