Monday stuff

It’s Monday, and I’m not on dex again. Hurray for feeling sorta normal. I see the doctor this week and already have my Revlimid delivered so I’m ready to go. But today it’s go to Staples and get some prices for the FOAL bookmarks and magnets. I’ll order the plastic reusable bags this week. I think the outreach will help and Applegate has a lot of faithful library people. Then to dollar store again to look for some stuff for gift baskets. I’m thinking of an Italian theme, cooking, maybe gardening. Then these will go to the raffle in October. I also need to get my flu shot this week. I’m thinking Thursday as I’m off. The Flylady zone is the living room which for us is pretty minimal so not much to do there. Oh, we discovered, well you couldn’t miss it, a dead ponderosa pine. The bark beetles got it so now we’re concerned there will be more. That’s going to cost to take down, oh, yeah the washers not working so B ordered a part but we don’t know if that’s the problem. So I guess a lot of money going out the door. Oh well, not sure what we will do,in retirement. We just couldn’t afford this. Other than that, I made a small loaf of bread yesterday( no knead), and today I’m going to dry some chilies. Then also make a broccoli cheddar soup. Pioneer woman’s recipe looks the best so far.