Slow library day

It was so slow today, I think in 4 hours 6 people came in. That’s pretty slow. My daughter dropped me off and picked me up as Z had my van. So tomorrow we will see the the appraiser. I can’t really say what they’ll do. We shall just have to wait and see.

Z came home early enough, but still not right after school. He took the GF home and stayed. I told him he could  use my car for work and school, period.! I tried to talk about her negative influence on him, but didn’t get too far.

So, from memories page #3

the end of our first semester, we did not go back to NY, but had our own Christmas and New Years. The following spring, were the Kent state riots and deaths. We were on campus when our riots at U of A began.


we walked on campus and there were riot police everywhere. We were tear gassed and quickly retreated. In the meanwhile we found a dog wandering around and brought it home. A beautiful dog. Later in that spring, ( muffin , as we named him, was hit by a car and instantly killed. )

I guess it was a strange year , with riots, the Vietnam protests, and life. But we were madly in love and still believed in all that was good. We went to a number of concerts, including, John Denver , and Riche Havens, and someone I can’t remember. We took lots of motorcycle rides out into the desert and had lots of sex.

Yes, remember , we were pretty young, and it was drugs, sex and rock and roll.

At the end of the school year, we decided to hitch hike or ride share with someone back to NY, so we could pick up  B’s 1947 Plymouth , which was our main car for many years. Wow, all that sounds pretty weird, but that’s what we did.