1001 miles

We have now walked over 1000 miles since we started the JKWP . Wow.! We are almost at day 500. I think we are on day 485,so close. ¬†We are walking a little later than we did but when time changes perhaps we’ll go back to the 5:30 time. Maybe not. It’s important for me to keep walking with the steroids I take. Dexamethesome really affects muscles, so I need to keep at it.

The smoke is still terrible here. It looks cloudy out but it’s all smoke high up. I do hope,as everyone in this area does, that they get this fire controlled. It has burned a huge amount of acres. Such a tragedy.

Tomorrow is B’s birthday. He’s going to get a new wheel barrel. I know not very exciting but it’s needed.

I’m making his request of tofu burgers and then we’ll have apple pie.