Beautiful south Lake Tahoe !

imageWe’re here in a wonderful condo that has a full kitchen, refrigerator , dishwasher etc. it’s quite lovely.

B is off working and I’m heading down to the water to read. I’m doing my annual reread of Lord of the Ring.Tolkien is one of my favorite authors. Of course, I brought 4 other books just in case. We had a lovely homemade breakfast here too. We walked later but that’s ok. And there’s no smoke here, hurray. Tomorrow we are suppose to get rain, and that will help the firefighters a lot.

Well, I’m off. I feel ok this week of Revlimid and dex. But, not as good as I’d like. Always dealing with the GI issues, but it is less on my week off.

I’ll try an post some pictures later.

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