Zometa infusion

Well, I’m sitting on an IV with zometa dripping into me. It’s not so bad except we had to wait for insurance authorization as I haven’t had a treatment here. It’s a nice treatment room. It’s been almost 6 months so I’m ok with that as along as I don’t have any bone problems. 

My blood work all looked good and… Yeah…. My m protein is at .38 . So I’m ok with it staying in this range…. Very happy….

it was pouring down rain when we left the house but now it’s not so bad. 

Next month we will try the other cancer center that’s closer to us. I’m not sure we will like it better. But it will save probably 20 minutes driving.

So we’re going to stop at Costco and pick up chicken for dinner and I’ll throw in some baked potatoes. Usually , I get wiped out by coming down here so that will take care of dinner.

3 thoughts on “Zometa infusion

  1. Your protein level is great. How often do you get Zometa treatment? My Mom only had once so far and she didn’t tolerate it very well. But with her, the disease did more damage to her liver than bones.

    • Thanks, I’m pretty happy it’s stable. Since my numbers are low, I’m only getting zometa every 5 months or so. The trick is to get a little longer infusion, be sure she asks for saline afterwards, and hydrate ,hydrate. When I was first diagnosed I had a compression fracture . And I’ve had a few lesions in my ribs. So far kidneys are fine. But zometa or aredia ( less intense) does help fight Myeloma. Best to your mom.

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