Sunday night chit chat

  • Reading? The new Jack Reacher”A Wanted Man” , very good.
  • Listening to? We were listening to the wind.
  • Watching?later, Castle.
  • Cooking/Baking? Made the stuffed shells ,from the freezer cookbook, a big salad with blue cheese dressing.
  • Happy you accomplished this week?alot with my new freezer cookbook.
  • Looking forward to next week? I have next Saturday off, so I’ll go to the farmers market!
  • Thankful for today? My 2 great kids, my cancer is stable, and my husband.
  • *Bonus Question* Do you like your name? Would you change it if you could?
  • I’ve always liked Anne or Annie.

5 thoughts on “Sunday night chit chat

  1. Stuffed shells.. yum! I love going to the farmers market, have fun!! 🙂 I'm grateful that your cancer is stable as well, you have an amazing spirit, Christina!! 🙂 Enjoy your week!!

  2. Good luck to you. I find your writing to be comforting & also energizing. You are such a productive person . Your spirit is your force & it will keep you strong. Thank you for sharing the things that make your life sucessful.

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