Saturday ,this and that!

Well, it’s not good news for our cat,Tucker. He has feline diabetes .They wanted us to start right away with day long testing etc. for over $500. So, my daughter said we’d think about it . She didn’t like the office personnel , although he doctor was nice she said. I think we’ll go back to the vet we usually use, it’s just it’s 25 min away. But they are great. There are some natural remedies, but I think we’ll get him stabilized and go form there. I know we can’t afford 118 a month for cat treatment.

Also, something is happening with the studen t loan mess. The cancer legal aid hasn’t been too helpful yet. Well see when I get the referrals. I’m assuming Nel net is going to do what ever they feel like doing and that will be separating the loans. I’m really ok with that, just not with having to start a payment plan when we have just started to think about retirement and savings. It totally sucks. And this whole mess has gone on for years.

On a cool note, my husband, B , and DD, are walking in race for the cure. I think it’s great even though I don’t have breast cancer, it’s still as if we’re all in the cancer family. My husbands mother did die of breast cancer so it’s in his family. Thankfully , those genes are passed maternally, so DD should not have to worry about the genetic side.

I’m off to work,at the best job ever, even if I’m not branch manager, ha ,ha.
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I think over my life, and I haven’t really accomplished a lot , never had a career . But, I had two wonderful children who are smart, not into any drugs or alcohol and are really amazing people.
I am grateful for that.