Weekend to do and menu for the week

  1. Make menu.
  2. work on our very slim budget for next week, with the dreaded SL finally figured out, it is going to hurt, a lot:(
  3. go to staples( I have coupons)
  4. walk
  5. do some Flylady stuff.
  6. grocery store, I saw a couple of BOGO . I’m trying to really work these things.
  7. vacuum
  8. Make two freezer meals.

Menu for week

Saturday: meatloaf, baked potatoes, salad, veggie burger .

sunday : steak , salad, tofu.

Monday:grilled chicken, salad, black bean burger.

Tuesday: pasta of some sort

Wednesday: birthday girls choice

Thursday: ?

Friday : tacos


Hopefully next week will even out financially. It’s been tough, I’m hoping with B’s bonus in June we will catching up.