Carla’s Sunday night chit chat

Your turn!! 🙂
  • Reading?  I’ve been reading a lot of retirement books, the Wealthy Barber, the average Family’s guide to Financial freedom , and Get a life, you don’t need a million to retire well.all something to think about. Ok I just read Gone girl, I waited 6 months on the library list to get this. I was so excited. I was so disappointed . If you like psychotic behavior and a story that ends too weird, then this is the book for you. I really really didn’t like it. I guess I like a story with an ending I can live with this, but this was not my kinda thing .

  • Listening to?right now it’s rain on the roof.
  • Watching?last night we finished “the hunger games” , ok I guess the books was better, of course.
  • Cooking/Baking? I made cheese enchilada casserole, pintos  and brown rice. Tonight is leftovers.
  • Happy you accomplished this week?Worked my 3 library shifts of 4 hours each, so my hem/ onc, walked 4 days. Am making progress on getting rid of the Life magazines. If you don’t know, I had an eBay store that sold Life. I did pretty well, except now, none of the ones I have really sell. So I’m getting rid of most. I’m keeping 9 bins of history, Kennedy , Martin Luther king, civil rights, moon walk etc. if anyone wants any of my give always let me know. You can have them for the postage price. A lot of people do birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Looking forward to next week? Walking more, working, decluttering more. The Flylady zone is the kitchen, usually a big job.
  • Thankful for today?As usual, my continuing very good partial remission. Waiting for my SPEP  test and immuinopherisis test
  • *Bonus Question* What are the “top 3” things on your to do list for next week? One thing on my mini goals with B, walk more, work on freezer meals. Yeah, I finally got my little chest freezer, thanks to the leukemia  and Lymphoma society, which has given me a grant and I get my share of my husbands insurance bill refunded. They are such a great organization. If anyone  is a runner, check out the LLS, team continuum which raises money for people like me with blood cancers…!!!

One thought on “Carla’s Sunday night chit chat

  1. Sounds like you had a busy week! 🙂 Thats soo awesome that you received a chest freezer! Good stuff! You're going to love the extra freezer room without a doubt!! Happy freezer cooking!

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