My hero, my husband!

When I was first diagnosed, the person then, and now, who was my hero ,is my husband. He has been to every appt I have ever had. That is every chemo, every doctors appt and every day during my Sct. Now that it is 7 years later, he still comes to every appt and aredia treatment I get. He is the greatest. He was my high school sweetheart, and this year will be our 42 nd wedding anniversary. We had had a great life. Maybe not money wise, we were never very smart about jobs, but in every other way. We went to college together, had our first child after we were married 15 years and for our 25 th wedding anniversary ( well it was really our 24) , but I like to joke it was our silver anniversary , we had our son. It has been a great life, he is the greatest, and he is my hero.