How it started

I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma in June of 2005. It was the biggest shock and sadness in my life. I actually probably had it for at least 2 years prior as I had a compression fracture in dec 2003 which was caused by the cancer , but of course that was unknown then.
I laugh that it all started with Life. Life magazines that is. I had just bought almost an entire collection at an estate sale. 45 boxes weighing 75lbs each. I then proceeded to load all 45 into my van, unload them and the move them once more. By the weekend the T 10 collapsed and well a year and half later the MRI showed a plasmacytoma ,cancer. So 17 rounds of radiation, and 5 months of chemo and then what is called a stem cell transplant.
Through all this I was shocked, depressed and just out of the flow of life. I seemed to just drift from doctor appointment to the next.
I was homeschooling ,
My son, so that helped with some normalcy .
So after, the sct, I had complete remission for 4 great years. Then relapsed in June 2010
Now there are new drugs to try and I did a combination of revlimid and dexamethesome for 9 months again CR and was off all drugs for 10 months.
I have just started cycle 2 after a very small m spike and am doing ok.
I want to blog so I can write about stuff that we MM survivors are all going thru and what’s it’s like to live with an incurable cancer.
Plus, I want to write about, books,cooking gardening and life.

April 10 2012

This is a first for me, blogging, and I have no idea what to do. I want to write about my life with an incurable blood cancer,multiple myeloma and the goings on in my everyday life. That would include books I’m reading ,recipes I trying, gardening etc.