Head in the sand!

I remember that first six months vividly ,as when I didn’t really go out, talk a lot to people,or do much. I think just had my head in the sand and that was how I coped. Of course, I read a lot as I stll do, but mostly I just laid around and tried not to obsess. Of course, if you are trying not to obsess then you really start to obsess. I didn’t want to know much about multiple myeloma, I just wanted it to all go away.

So I have come along ways, after my first relapse, June 2010, is honestly when I started asking lots of questions, joined the myeloma list serve, the beacon and anything else. I no longer worry obsessively, okay maybe a little. I handle my cancer better now and am very informed about treatments and what is new in the myeloma research area. I ask questions and I even answer questions because now 7 years from diagnosis I do know something about this and am glad to share.

Just finished Gideons corpse by Preston and child , pretty good read. The main character hasan incurable illness called AVM.
Then finished Bonnie in the Eve Duncan series. Frankly, I thought she came up with a lame conclusion.
Also, just got from the library the new Pioneer woman cooks cookbook, so lookout here come some great recipes.

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