How it started

I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma in June of 2005. It was the biggest shock and sadness in my life. I actually probably had it for at least 2 years prior as I had a compression fracture in dec 2003 which was caused by the cancer , but of course that was unknown then.
I laugh that it all started with Life. Life magazines that is. I had just bought almost an entire collection at an estate sale. 45 boxes weighing 75lbs each. I then proceeded to load all 45 into my van, unload them and the move them once more. By the weekend the T 10 collapsed and well a year and half later the MRI showed a plasmacytoma ,cancer. So 17 rounds of radiation, and 5 months of chemo and then what is called a stem cell transplant.
Through all this I was shocked, depressed and just out of the flow of life. I seemed to just drift from doctor appointment to the next.
I was homeschooling ,
My son, so that helped with some normalcy .
So after, the sct, I had complete remission for 4 great years. Then relapsed in June 2010
Now there are new drugs to try and I did a combination of revlimid and dexamethesome for 9 months again CR and was off all drugs for 10 months.
I have just started cycle 2 after a very small m spike and am doing ok.
I want to blog so I can write about stuff that we MM survivors are all going thru and what’s it’s like to live with an incurable cancer.
Plus, I want to write about, books,cooking gardening and life.

5 thoughts on “How it started

  1. I am reading, Christina and you will be in my prayers… 🙂 If you'd like more visits to your blog, when you comment on blogs, be sure to sign in under your blogging name so they can click on your name and visit you! 🙂

  2. Hi!
    I found a reference to your blog in an MM give-away pamphlet at my oncologist — and am VERY glad to have stumbled across it. Now I have 5-plus years of a fellow MM survivor’s journey to read through and help me with my further adjustments to “the new now” of my diagnosis.

    I was diagnosed in the fall of ’15, got through my radiation and chemo, prepped and survived my stem cell transplant in Feb. of ’16, and am trying to concentrate on rebuilding both my bones and immune system.

    It’s a weird journey. Nice to have finally found someone on a similar path — right down to working through new life priorities via Flylady and minimalism.

    Thanks for your efforts in documenting your path!

    Susan R.

    • Hi Susan,
      I’m glad you found me from the pamphlet. that was fun to do. One of the things that helped me the most after i relapsed the first time, was the online support and info from other MM’s. Some have passed away such as Pat Killingsworth and my first myeloma buddy, Richard Pleau. It makes me sad and I still miss them even though we never physically met. Well, I did meet Richard once as he lived in the Sacramento area. He only lived @ 4 years from diagnosis. It was a sad time.
      Keep going and living life to the fullest what ever that is.

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