Velcade, Round 4, shot #2.

I drove down to Rocklin yesterday and had my shot. I was out again by 10:20 and it went well. Sometimes the injection stings some and yesterday it did. Other times I barely feel it, so who knows.

From there I drove up to the Walmart in Rocklin which is right on my way home and picked up my order. They didn’t have the propane bottles we needed for camping so we’ll need to get them somewhere else. Then I went into the nursery side and bought 2 clay pots and 2 orchids. For some reason getting clay pots now is like winning the lottery. They only had 2 on the shelf. Oh well, I’ll keep checking but Home Depot also didn’t have any.

I took my Dex after lunch and rested. Geez, Dex is so weird. Oh well, my daughter made a nice stir fry with tempeh. It was good. Yesterday I experimented with making jasmine rice in the Staub and it came out great. I love my Zojirushi rice maker but wanted to try this as an alternative. The nice thing is that it is half the time . 15 minutes on a boil and then 15 minutes rest. The other method is an hour. It’s nice to have the alternative.

Today is just take it easy and do a few things. I want to air out the bed covers on the line. And move a few more things around in the closet.

We finished the bedroom painting it looks amazing. I’m very glad I screwed up and started the touch up as I wouldn’t have really know how bad it was( well I guess that’s relative. )

The stove hood debacle continues as it wasn’t working unless the bathroom fan was on which I said”No way, am I putting up with that”. I said hire an electrician, people do it all the time. But he managed to get it hooked to something else?? and now the bathroom fan isn’t working. Did I say just hire an electrician??Well, he is pretty handy and always figures out a solution. We had most of the wiring was redone when we moved in but there were some that the guy didn’t do for some reason. ( he wasn’t a real licensed electrician although he did know a lot).

I hope the tar paper can go on the garden shed before we leave on Sunday but the shingles will need to wait. Most of the trim is going on too. It looks good and I think we will like the extra storage.

I have another Goodwill run to make tomorrow but i will have my daughter help. Last with her helping it went really quick plus I couldn’t lift the monitor anyway.

Tonight my son cooks and I’m not sure what he planning. Maybe I’ll check the freezer but I know I have lots of salad stuff.

Plus, the most exciting thing this week is he gets his Covid shot tomorrow. Hurray!!!!

5 thoughts on “Velcade, Round 4, shot #2.

  1. Ha! My husband thinks he’s an electrician too! It’s a wonder he hasn’t electrocuted himself yet.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve said “hire an electrician.” I can only recall using an electrician one time.
    I just repainted a room that I goofed by touching up some spots with the wrong paint too! It does look so much better, but I wasn’t happy at the time.
    My daughter hates shots. Get the J&J vaccine I said…It will be fine I said. So she did. 11 days ago. She’s a bit of a hypochondriac at times so now she is worried that every little twinge is the end. It is concerning though.
    Stay safe

    • Marilyn, we must be on the same wavelength. The only other time we had the sort of electrician is when the rewiring was done. I guess he feels he can do it?? Funny about your daughter too. My daughter is a hypochondriac too ( well not technically) but she was the same way after her shot although she did get the Moderna.

  2. Hmmm, I think I’d want to hire an electrician too. Glad you are happy with how your bedroom painting and the shed turned out.

    • Ha, he’s quite stubborn that way:) But I’ll give him credit he did fix the stove hood fan and he thinks the bathroom fan just got loosened when he moved the wire. We’ll see:)

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