Great news!!

My labs came back all normal. Kappa light chains at 14.4mg/L. Lambda at 9.8mg/L, and the ratio at 1.47 . So I am quite happy, of course, that in 3 cycles Velcade has done a good job. I start round 4 next Wednesday. When I saw the doctor last week he just mentioned doing the 6 full rounds. I’m willing to do rounds 4 and 5 but will rethink 6. I have time to discuss it with him. I think as long as I get labs every 6 weeks we’ll have a good idea when the numbers start to change. Generally speaking from one’s last response ,the new response is 1/2. So if I get even 2 years without treatment that would be a win for me. Of course, there are no guarantees and Myeloma can morph.

I started the painting of the entry/ B’s office area, and it looks really good. The white really makes it bright in there. I also used up the bottom of the can of eggshell in the bedroom and oops, it looks like I/ B will need to do that room too. It is the same color of Simply white but it must have been that the color before was a blue. So painting over the color it’s obvious, the difference in the tone. Oh well, it’ll be good to do it anyway. But first things first and we’ll finish the entry way by Monday.

I’ve been slowly moving houseplants out to the greenhouse for the summer. I’m not sure how they will do but I thought I’d try it. I have way to many house plants so I need to lighten up the space some. Especially the Monstera plant which are quite big. Plus I keep making cuttings of spider plants and pothos. I really need to stop. Anyway, I’m trying to clear out the sunroom for summer and that’s where I had moved some of these plants a while back.

That spider plant needs to be split.

Tonight I’m making a Thai chicken dish. The chicken is marinating in coconut milk with cumin and other spices. I also did a tofu one. I plan on making some rice on the side. I’m out of salad stuff so I may go to the Holiday market tomorrow. Plus I need a few other things too. I’m trying not to overspend on groceries this month. Ha, we’ll see how that goes.