Velcade, Round 3, shot #3.

So this finishes Round 3 and I get labs tomorrow so I should know by next Wednesday how it all looks. I will start Round 4 April 7th.

It was a quick trip down to Rocklin. All went smooth and I got my shot and was out by 10:15. I’m having some eye issues like I did before with watering eyes and getting some styes. I have an ophthalmic prescription ointment but it’s 6 years old at least. the nurse said still use it but it may not have quite the efficacy. Then get Dr. L to prescribe a new one. It is interesting how you ‘forget’ certain things with chemo and then it’s like ” wait , didn’t this happen before”.?

I decided to stop at the Humane society bookstore in Auburn and was glad I did.

Everyone has to wear a mask and everyone did.It was somewhat busy but I found a good stack of cookbooks to read and then more of the Sue Grafton. They actually had an ‘A is for Alibi”, her first, which is pretty hard to find. It was only released in paperback. So I’m set for books for a while.

I’ve actually read ‘Bella Tuscany’ a few times but it is a great location book about Tuscany, which I’m sure I will never see in my lifetime. And I have read the Berg book too. I really always enjoyed her writing.

Today is a no walk Dex day as I end up having shortness of breath so I’m going to lay low and read. I still need to get out my monthly menu planner sheet and start April.

8 thoughts on “Velcade, Round 3, shot #3.

  1. The Christopher Kimball book looks interesting! I read sometime ago that even though he left Cook’s Illustrated, somewhere along the line he made a pile of money. Good for him!

    • so far, it’s a good book with some very good hints. yes, he was in a lot of controversies a number of years ago. He left his wife for a woman 35 years younger( God, I hate that) then even at his age 60something he had another couple of kids. Geez, keep it in your pants. But honestly, he is a great chef/cook.

  2. I also read her “Under the Tuscan Sun”. I have also read several other books about Tuscany and the food in particular. I would also love to visit Tuscany – sounds wonderful. I think Italy and France are a foodie’s dream.

  3. Great book haul! I’m always impressed that you do a month’s menu planning at a time. We are proud of ourselves if we are a day or 2 ahead although we only grocery shop once a week.

    • Well, it’s really just a monthly menu guideline. Like Taco Tuesday may end up just something Mexican. Or pizza night is Friday but it might be take out or homemade. So really it’s pretty easy.

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