Simple Sunday

Things are quiet around here.

The big storm is over and now it’s just cloudy, no rain. Today, I plan on tidying up the entry zones and my office area(done!). This time of year the entry zone is really just sweeping and removing any debris or stuff lying around.

We had a nice Sunday walk. Jerk walker was still there but then left as we started our second round. We’ve missed him for the most part as he must be getting there earlier but today, being Sunday, he was later.

I’ve almost finished reupholstering the dining room Heywood chairs. I have one left. Using a drop cloth as the fabric is economical and I actually love the look of the cotton. Next time I will need to replace the foam cushions but that’s a few years away at this point.

I plan on starting my painting project this week. Since I can’t really paint for long periods with my rib issues(arms raised and using a roller), I figured I’ll use the Flylady method and do it in 15 minute intervals. I’m still debating using the Behr white I have or wait till I have Benjamin Moore‘s Simple White. I think I’ll do the ceiling in front of the bathroom door with the Behr and then decide whether to keep going. I did read about a paint called, Farrow and Ball that sounds like a really nice paint with great coverage. I plan on checking it out this week.

Yesterday I made another NYT recipe called I made it my Staub, of course, and it was really good. Somehow the sprinkling of jalapenos really did uplift the soup. There’s enough left over for lunch today. I plan on making meatballs for dinner and maybe put them in sauce and bake. Not sure yet if that’s how I’ll do it since then B wouldn’t be able to eat the pasta bake. So I guess I’ll just leave them on the side.

My order from King Arthur Flour showed up and I made one of the scone mixes. It was White Chocolate cranberry scones. They were a big hit. Perhaps a little expensive for a mix ( 7.99) but it made 8 large scones so basically $1.00 a scone. I think overall it was worth it.

For Christmas my son had gotten me an Easton press of “ Robinson Crusoe” . I’ve read it before many years ago, but it is very entertaining and well written.

6 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Eric is painting today — well, for the last few weeks, starting with Abby’s old room (we need to figure out what she’s taking to her new place before we get too carried away moving furniture back). Today he’s painting the trim around the bathroom door and it looks so awesome. P.S. Your pizza a couple posts back looked amazing! I tried to get back on the FlyLady bandwagon last week and sort of managed to do a few chores around the living room … baby steps?

    • Exciting, your daughter is getting a place of her own. I’m planning on getting the paint this week and starting albeit, slowly!!! yeah, just do FL as it fits in for you. I’ve watched her on YT and completely lost it when I saw all the Christian icons behind her. I loved her theory and it does work for me but to be doing the YT with that just turns me off. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. I am an NY Times subscriber, but I don’t pay extra for the food section. Do you think it’s worth it? They have a lot of recipes from Melissa Clark, and I have not been too impressed. That soup sounds good. Based on something one of my readers said about potato cheese soup, I’ll bet just regular pickles would be good, too.

    • I do think the NYT recipe/food section is worth it. I use it almost exclusively. I’m not sure regular pickles would work. It’s the jalapeno hotness that jazzes this up.

  3. we did our whole house in farrow and ball wimbourne white…and do not recommend it. The paint does not seem to be the quality it once was. it rapidly discolours. They used to do both oil based and water based paints, when they dropped the oil paints the quality of the water based emulsions also seemed to decline. Maybe they changed supplier.

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