Simple Sunday

We finally have rain!!

We had to use umbrellas to walk but that was fine. Nobody was there but us so that’s always a treat.

I made some sugar cookie dough this morning and it’s in the fridge for a few hours to harden some. So I’ll start those a little later. I used an Alton Brown recipe and it was pretty straight forward.

If you follow Flylady, we are in the bathroom zone. I can finish mine in about 15 minutes as our bathroom is so small. I might add on a couple of extra tasks this week as well. I consolidated the Christmas ornaments into 1 larger plastic bin that B had bought at Home Depot. So that’s most of the Hallmark boxes and some felted animals when I use to put them out at Christmas on the nature table. I don’t do that anymore but they’re cute enough to keep for now. In the future, who knows? right.

So, as expected, my kappa light chains went up over 600,( high normal is 26.4) and the ratio also doubled( It was 74.3 mg/l ) normal high is 26.3. So Velcade will start in January. So since it’s 3 weeks on 1 week off, I’m thinking @ the second week of January and then a break the first week of February and so on. I guess we’ll have to see how it’s working as to how many rounds it’ll be. That’s a wait and see kind of thing. But one would hope, if it works on the myeloma, 6 months of treatment. Again, big unknowns since we don’t know how things will go. Disappointing but reality.

Tonight I’m cooking a roast chicken in my cast iron pan and I think I’ll make some buttered noodles to go with it as we are potatoed out from latkes. i wanted to get down to Krispy Kreme for donuts( you know to keep the cooking in oil thing going for Hanukkah:) but that may not happen.

B is actually going down for a doctor visit this week as I think they want to see him in person. I’m going to write a list of things for him to bring up because they continue to bother him. He is supposed to get his pneumonia shot and soon he will start revaccinating. I never did revaccinations as back in 2006 it wasn’t common then. Now, I think with autos it is. It is absolutely necessary with an allo transplant though as he had donor cells.

Well, I think I’m going to finish my Sunday chores and read some more of the Obama memoir. BTW, it is a great book and so full of compassion and insight. Definitely worth buying . One thing that really stood out to me was how many times he went to Walter Reed to see the wounded soldiers and how he would interact with them. I tried to look up how many times trump did it but I only found the 1 time shortly after his inauguration. I guess he couldn’t handle seeing the soldiers with one leg or arm or whatever. What a guy!:(

4 thoughts on “Simple Sunday

  1. Well, I’m glad you got some rain, and it’s welcome! We have snow and I’m not so thrilled. I don’t mind the cold but I would be happy if it only snowed a little on Christmas Eve and maybe Christmas day and that was it. It is supposed to warm up so this snow will be gone in a few days I think. We may have a green Christmas.
    Is velcade what you did so well on? I hope it works as well this time.
    Obama’s book sounds good, I plan to read soon.
    I need to get busy and finish Christmas cards. I’m not really feeling much Christmas spirit this year.
    Stay safe

    • I feel kind of Christmasy. Not a lot and I’m still pretty stressed about the electoral vote in the house. yes, it was Velcade which is a monoclonal treatment. Here’s hoping you have some snow.

  2. Gosh, I used to follow the FlyLady. I really need to get back to that. . . .
    I am hoping to get the Obama book for Christmas. I have heard good reviews.
    Prayers for your treatment to go smoothly in the New Year

    • I really do a modified FL since I decluttered long ago. Her website is not very well designed but the basics are there and useful. I like a routine. I just function better with structure so that’s why I follow the zones. I picked up the Obama book at Costco.

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