simple Sunday

It’s much cooler today and some clouds rolling by.

We walked early and the only one there was dog walker. We name everyone who comes to the park. Oh, not to them, just between us. Some have been less than nice like clodhopper runner. but there’s Sprite who is a long-distance runner and seems very nice. We say hi as she goes by. There are now 5 sets of babies at the park. They are very protective so we stay out of their way.

I finished the kitchen zone.


Here’s part of my kitchen pantry and some of my vintage Pyrex. I washed them all today which is something I don’t do every time.


Here’s on the window sill. A vintage Ball jar. I love these and have quite a few. You used to be able to pick these up at Flea markets for about $1.00 , not anymore.


This is looking back at what really is the front of the house but because of how are driveway is no one ever comes to this door. When I used to do Feng Shui it would drive me nuts. Now not so much.


This is another shot and you can see the patio table where we eat most meals now that’s it nice out.  To the far right is the laundry room we added on. You have to come out to get to it. Not sure how that will be when we’re older but heck for now it’s fine.E26CC31D-0E8D-487B-858D-C240267711CD.jpeg

Here’s a comfrey plant. When I was doing herbs I would harvest this and make teas. Good for bones.

The rest of the day is open and I have brownies baking in the oven but other than that it’s open.

I may go look for an ebook since I feel like reading something mindless.

8 thoughts on “simple Sunday

    • It is nice it’s right off the kitchen. It still drives me crazy the position of this house. Back when it was built in 1949, Meadow vista was really rural. This house didn’t have insulation and when we remodeled we tried to add what we could. We also put up some fencing so that’s why the driveway doesn’t come straight into the front door.

  1. Love your vintage pyrex and jars. I guess vintage pyrex is worth quite a bit on ebay. Amazing. Your patio area looks nice…and I love those tall trees around your house. I can see why you wouldn’t want them to fall on you. We have a couple trees we should take out but they’re not close to the house.
    Take care, stay safe.

    • I have kept most of my Pyrex but during my big purge in 2012, I did pass on quite a few mixing bowls. Yes, on the trees. They are probably 150 ft. We have spent a fortune on tree removal and this year it looks like we need to do a HUGE leaner. It’s not toward the house but is directly in the line of our barn. UGH…. I fear this one will be over $5,000.

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