The state of affairs.

Things are good this week with 2 doctor appointments down.

B had clinic on Tuesday and I drove him to UCD med center as it was an early appointment so there was traffic.  He’s back on prednisone for a rash but it is minor and seems gone now.  I sat in the car dealing with the financial fallout from the Cobra.  What has happened is this: His group insurance ended as of 7/31 and that’s when we initiated the Cobra thinking at $700 a month that would take care of all the bills.

Ha!!! NOw UHC Cobra is still saying because he was Medicare ELIGIBLE they won’t cover the full costs. WTF????? Well, long story short, after numerous calls we are on the hook for the August appointments.  I made payment arrangements while I was waiting for him to finish up at clinic.  All his appointments from then on were covered by Medicare. But we still were paying the Cobra till actually just the end of last month( January). Not sure this was necessary but open enrollment hadn’t quite started so even though we could have signed him up with special circumstances, we just left the cobra in place.

All I can say is if you’re ever faced with losing group coverage and have to go on Cobra …DON”T.  Overall, the cost factor doesn’t cut it or you need to absolutely clear what the cover. In our case, I just assumed everything was covered.

So then yesterday, I had to drive back down to Mercy cancer center for my appointment.  It’s kinda what I thought he would say is yes, it’s going up but too soon to start treatment and to keep thinking of this as smoldering myeloma.  So it’s watch and wait. That’s okay and when the time comes and my numbers are going up faster, I’m sure we will move ahead.

Today, I’m going to do some cooking. I’ve made hardboiled eggs and I’m going to make the olive and feta topping again. Plus I ‘going to grill some chicken for lunches and dinner. I think I’ll grill some onions while I’m at it.

I have some house chores to catch up on and then I’m going to hit the gym.


3 thoughts on “The state of affairs.

  1. Hi Chris, yes Insurance is Everything. Without it, where would we be :(( Jim is Medicare thru Kaiser, and I am still “too young” for Kaiser Medicare, so I pay monthly.
    Hoping B feels better all the time, and your numbers stay low forever! Ugh, so crazy we both wound up so many health challenges in our lives with ourselves and our hubbys. I’ve been slowly going thru 38 years of STUFF, and trying to get rid of, or pack things up like you. I’m just a “sentimental hoarder”, that’s my problem. Especially since our “clocks are ticking”, I hesitate getting rid of things I may regret.
    Well take care, and know I think about you all the time. xoxo Julie

    • Hi Julie, hope Jim is doing as well as expected. You’ve both been thru and continue to go thru so much. I think it gets easier as you start to declutter and realize it’s just ‘stuff’. Better to do it now instead of having to leave it for your kids.

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