Five on Friday or a few more…

It’s been a whirlwind week ending today with us being out ALL day at the Roseville Hospital for the port placement. Poor B, no water or food till after the procedure so that’ll be @ 3 pm. Plus, I get to drive in crazy Friday traffic down there which will NOT be fun.

Oh well, it’ll be over soon and then onwards…..Actually having the port will be wonderful as he won’t need peripheral IV’s.

Rain today but clearing for a few days. It’s wet and damp and chilly outside.

First, off this morning, I’ll take B to infusion for platelets. His platelets need to be over 50 so they can do the surgery. So actually we won’t know that till later.  Then I’m going to come home feed the dogs and give them some time out and then head back into town.

I have Christmas dinner all planned I just need some manicotti noodles for the manicotti.  Plus a baguette for garlic bread.

We’re still trying to figure out if B will continue on PTO or what.  He’s officially off till new years but after that is the decision to work some from home and do some local stuff or keep putting in for the PTO.  Honestly, it’s a tough choice.  Work would help give him some focus but then there’s also a lot of stress with labs, infusions and then the next chemo session will be January 10.  So, I guess the best thing is to keep filtering the information and then make a decision by January 1st.

Dinner is a complete unknown as we’ll be home later. We had a pizza lunch the other day so I wouldn’t buy a pizza. Maybe spaghetti???? I’ll think about it later.

Our son is down in Yosemite till tomorrow but with the government shut down possible they will close the park. So I’ll need to text him as to whether they should leave today.


Oh, great news for my labs…

kappa light chains 15.5

lambda light chains 12.3

ratio  1.26


so Hurray, one less thing to worry about right now.






5 thoughts on “Five on Friday or a few more…

  1. Christina!!! Whaaaaaaaat is going on with your Husband??? Are you kidding!!! OMG, he is battling a blood cancer? too?? I tried to go thru your posts to find out the details of what’s going on! Unbelievable that you both would be dealing with a blood cancer??? Did I read wrong??? But your stats are ok, whew!!!, thank goodness! What precipitated his situation? I’ll have to read up on MDS!!! I’ve heard of that many times, will have read about it. Wow, we both have myeloma, and hubby’s with crazy medical situations. My hubby is going down the Alzheimer’s slide pretty quickly. So tragic!!! Hope through the medical madness, you and your family have a nice holiday, and I will look for more info on B’s situation. I am so sorry he has this Dx and challenge now!!! This crazy crazy life!!! Hang in there warrior sister! xoxo Julie

    • It is so crazy!!! He just all of a sudden felt very tired. Went in for routine labs and bam his counts were extremely low. He got right in to see an oncologist who ordered a BMB but it was screwed up so they had to do a second. It was a 2-week delay. Unfortunately, that yes we both have a blood cancer. Honestly, I think it’s just circumstantial that this has happened. We have never been exposed to any harmful chemicals and Barclay has been a vegetarian/healthy eater since he was 16. So who knows??? Yes, my labs just came in and they’re still good. I just don’t know how I’d be dealing with this if I relapsed right now. He will need an allo not auto like we had. fun times ahead:(

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