Have a wonderful Christmas!

I hope everyone has a lovely and special Christmas.

We are all ready for Christmas and tonight is Christmas Eve and we will have our traditional cheese fondue with baguette, veggies, and maybe some ham for the meat eaters.

I made the sauce for the manicotti yesterday so all I need to do is assemble the dish and pop in the oven tomorrow.

Today should be low key. I will do a little Flylady zone cleaning and a quick vacuum.

The other day after infusion, we went to the nursery and bought a live tree.  For some reason, I just had this urge to buy a real tree and I knew I didn’t want to get a cut one. So off we went and found a IMG_0576.jpeglovely blue spruce that we will plant after Christmas. They are a slow grower so we shouldn’t have to worry about it getting too big. I really wanted a tree with a strong fragrance like a balsam or Frasier but none to be found in this part of the world.

Next year we will get that Christmas tree permit early like we did last year as they sell out within a week. $10 for a tree is unheard of.

I might go to the gym, haven’t decided yet. The day feels slow and open to possibilities.


Two of my favorite things, wine, and beeswax candles. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Have a wonderful Christmas!

  1. First of all, happy christmas to you!
    Second you are the third blogger buddy I’ve read today having fondue for dinner this evening. I should do this next year
    Third: I like your tree!

  2. Somehow your blog disappeared for a bit off of my reading list (not sure if I accidentally deleted it), so I’m just now catching up. I can only imagine how challenging the last few months have been with both your own health as well as B’s health. I’m sending lots of good thoughts & hugs your way & wishing you health, peace & the opportunity to relax in 2019.

    • So nice to hear from you!!! It’s been weird and challenging as in life is full of surprises. But we’re doing well. It’s trying to figure out the work stuff that’s been tough. Hope you have a great time skiing!!!

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