not feeling better:(

I thought I was on the mend and over this cold which was mild at least until yesterday. Then I was coughing non stop and by evening quite sore from it. All night, I  coughed even with Vicks Vapor rub which did help but not a lot. Today I feel worse. My heads stuffy and I’m coughing still. I guess I’m just going to take a bath and crawl back into bed….. sigh.

I was going to go to the gym and then I need to get 2 shower curtains. I know not part of the no spend pact but after a while, the old ones just need to get tossed. Maybe tomorrow.

My daughter left Truckee at 3 pm (early as she usually works till 6). It took her 4 hours to get home because of the snow and snow related accidents.

So far the Uber Frugal month has been great. I’ve used tons of stuff from the freezer that generally I just ignore. Like last night I made turkey chili with some organic ground turkey I’ve had in there and always push aside in favor of something else. So win win.  There’s more to use up especially since I’m getting a Zaycon order of Whole chickens at the end of the month. From the first time we moved to California 1975, we started buying bulk.Bulk beans, organic rice, honey, oats.  We were back to the landers living in a fairly rural area where my husband got a job with the Forest Service.  WE drove 20 miles to organic milk and made our own butter.  So even though today we live near a Holiday Market ( at the end of our driveway and across the street,  we still buy in bulk. Costco is great for cases of organic beans( when I don’t feel like making them from scratch, plus bulk butter, cheese ,tofu etc.  I don’t think we need a year’s worth of food but it wise to have some back up if a disaster occurred.  Believe me, the stores would empty out in hours.

So it’s prudent I think to have some things stored especially canned tomatoes and stuff you use a lot.  We also keep bottled water in the barn.

So think about your pantries and do a no spend month and really see what it is you use consistently and then slowly build up a small stockpile. so far, I’ ve learned quite a bit about my shopping habits.

I love to shop more European, where you go to the market daily for what you need. But it’s just not practical here.

I also enjoy reading Frugalwoods daily posts and one in particular stuck out about not trying to cook gourmet meals all the time. Stick to simple meals and simple foods. I like to think that my rotation of menus is basically simple foods like taco Tuesday which may not always be a taco but a bean bowl or burrito, Same with crockpot Thursday. Soups or beans, simple and then freeze the rest.

Well, I think it’s the Epson salt bath time for me.

There’s another storm…

Well, there’s two really. Outside it’s raining and the wind is blowing. Already on of the dead bark beetle trees has fallen over. I hope it ends soon. But it says rain and wind till 9 pm tonight so,…….. gulp…. I don’t like when it’s dark and windy. Oh well.

The second storm is on Friday with Trump’s inauguration. Honestly, I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode. Oh, BTW, did you read or see some of the cabinet members interviews. I mean, this is what I’ talking about that Trump picks billionaires and supporters not qualified people. The Dept. of Education, Devos, actually thought the repeal on the ban on guns in school was a good idea because in some schools(she was referring to Wyoming), there’s Grizzly bears and you might just need a gun. OMG people, is this what we have to endure. Then she goes on when questioned about the IDEA program, which has to do with equal educational opportunities for disabled students, and she doesn’t even know what it is.  Really, and she is ultra conservative Christian. Remember folks, there’s a reason for a separation between state and church.

OMG, even better is Ben Carson’s answer to Elizabeth Warren’s question about could he guarantee that not a single taxpayer dollar would benefit Trump or his family. So he says, , OMG, get ready,he  wouldn’t  do anything to benefit any American. Of course that’s not what he meant.But really he’s qualifed to be HUD’s head beacuse he grew up in a tenement house. Well, JFC, I grew up on Welfare and food stamps, so maybe I should head that department.  It’s just so strange.

Really, Trump is a narcissistic nut job and time will tell. I guess the bottom line those that think Trump is the best thing that ever happened won’t  change their minds or even be open, but just continue to think it’s because of all the left stuff. And for hating Obama, he will go down as one of the greatest presidents.  One fact, just in case you want to know, unemployment is at it’s lowest in a decade 4.9 % I think. So what’s the deal with bringing jobs. We have the lowest unemployment in years thanks to Obama. Just a fact.  I’m sure there’s tons more but I still have this cold and although I feel fine I’m coughing a lot.

Well, enough of my rant.


Simple Sunday and a cold:(

Well, I guess sooner or later I’d pick something up. My son had a cold this past week and I picked up the germ. Even though I’m pretty OC about hand washing something must have snuck in.  It’s not a terrible cold but still coughing, headache, etc. I’m not going to the gym today, obviously, so I’ll just tuck into a good book and hope by Tuesday it’s mostly gone. I have a dental cleaning that day and I’ve cancelled once, so I I hope it’s better and I’m not coughing….

It was very cool walking this morning as it was a heavy fog, and you couldn’t even see across the park. I only did a mile as I was hacking and blowing my nose non-stop.


Oh, the exciting news was our clawfoot tub faucet disintegrated and started leaking all over. So, it’s ordered as it is a special width, but we’ve been trying to take baths and wash our hair in the tub. Not really fun, so I hope it’s here tomorrow or Tuesday. I looked on Amazon and they actually had one, but B had already ordered it so we’ll stick with that. I should have looked right away as it would have been here by now. UGH>>> live and learn, Right??

Well, tonight we’re going to have tofu burgers and I’m going to make homemade rolls. I think I’ll grill some onions too.



How is the Uber Frugal Month going?

Really, it’s going quite well. I’m am totally enjoying eating our way thru the freezer and pantry. I’ve been to the market a few times but mostly for fresh veggies and milk and 1/2. I’m also enjoying the no spend part of this as we haven’t spent money on anything except necessities. It’s really quite freeing. I am keeping a list of things I’m thinking about so I can evaluate at a later date. For instance, I’d like to get a sewing machine again. I’ve checked Craigslist and they all look like some 1970’s version. I also joined a local buy, sell, trade, free group and posted I was looking for a sewing machine but didn’t get any responses.  So, I’ll keep thinking about that for down the road. We’ve done great on our budget so that’s good too.

The jambalaya was quite good. I didn’t take any pictures but it was Emeril Lagasse’s recipe jambalaya although I didn’t add the chicken broth or chicken it was really good. Next time I’d like to try andouille sausage to taste the difference. I did use up the last of the Costco shrimp for this dish which was part of my goal. Tonight I have a pork tenderloin in the crockpot, but not sure how it’ll come out so my backup plan is twice baked potatoes I’ve frozen and grilled tofu and a salad. Pork is a funny dish for us. We all like pulled pork with BBQ sauce. So, I guess I’ll just see how it is after 6 or so hours in the crock pot.

Still cloudy and cooler. There was some rain showers this morning but not heavy. I decided not to go to town but wait and bundle my errands tomorrow as I have an appointment for my new Invisalign trays. Then to the gym and maybe the thrift store to look for used blankets for the dogs.

I finished a fun mystery book,’Deadly Desires at Honeychurch hall’.  A fun murder mystery taking place in rural England. I enjoyed it and will look for more by the author.

I don’t have any labs till the end of the month so I have a little more time before I start obsessing over them(ha, Ha,).




Is it over yet??

We have been under storm watch for days and days. I 80 is still closed and has been for over 24 hours. It takes a lot to close this main pass in the Sierras. The rain was nonstop yesterday and came down in torrents at times. There also was the wind but I think we escaped the worst of it. It’s still raining off and on. I’m really sick of this and hope it passes soon and we get to dry out. There’s flooding all over the place in the foothills and Sacramento Valley.

Not doing too much different. Reading and tidying some. I’ve added a new page at the top of my blog for books in 2017 if you’re looking for something to read.

It’s still very depressing that in 9 days Trump will be president. His tweeting is ridiculous behavior for a president. I mean, what is he  like 14?? Plus he’s always saying something negative or untrue in his tweets. he says he never mocked the disabled reporter, but there it is recorded for all to see. Yet, he still is in denial. Whoa, that is pretty scary stuff.

Well, I hope something gets better politically. Just think of all the people especially like us with cancer( preexisting condition) and what that means for health insurance. That is very scary. Plus the GOP has no replacement. I don’t care what anyone says the ACA has helped millions of people get affordable health care. With the subsidies and credits, it is helping the people who need it the most.  If someone’s premiums have gone up, maybe it has to do with income bracket. I don’t really know. I’d be curious to know what are the income parameters.

Anyway, it’s all kinda depressing so I’m going to go read a book.

I’m trying a new recipe of Jambalaya. I’ve never made it so I have some shrimp to use and cooked rice. I don’t have the andouille sausage, but do have some Adele’s chicken sausage so… I’m going to give it a try. I’ll make the rice with peppers etc first so the veggie can have that and then add the shrimp and sausage later. I’ll let you know…..

Simple Sunday

WE are in for another big storm with lots of rain and WIND!! Rain I can handle. lots of wind not so much. But since we’ve gotten a lot of trees down there’s less stress. But we still have many big ponderosa pines around. Plus the ground is saturated, not a good combination. Oh well, we’ll see.

We are planning to drive to the gym together and maybe a coffee using a gift card. No spending there except a GC.

Update…. we started to head into town but could barely see out the windsheild so we turned around. I don’t want to make going to the gym a have to do. I’m quite disciplined so it’s not like I won’t go it’s more I can be OC about it and so this was good to just say it can wait till tomorrow.

So, here’s a few pictures of the front room after painting. I dont think it looks different in the pictures but in real life it’s amazing bright and clean looking. I’ve changed a few pictures around and some I may not add.


One of things I learned from the blog Louderminds  is that as an introvert, I need less visual stimuli or things around me. This young woman’s blog is quite interesting and I really learned some things about myself. She hasnt written in a while so I hope all is well with her.

So, a rainy Sunday. My sinuses are bothering me, I’ll take some of my Chinese herbs.


Dinner is sliders( burgers) and fries. or if I’m not feeling great some kinda of soup.

Five Frugal things Friday

Let’s see, we are into day 6 of our no spend month. So far doing pretty good. I will need to go to Costco this weekend for TP, cheese, and salad stuff, plus I am going to break the Pact and get my husband and son the Sonic care on sale. It’s $30 off so I don’t want to wait till next month. My son is again back at the dentist with cavities so I think it’s an essential thing, not just a want. So, on to the 5 things

  •  Didn’t buy any extra groceries at all
  • stayed home and didn’t drive any extra
  • made all meals at home and am looking in the freezer for next weeks menu
  • kept the fire going as it’s really cold out and kept space heaters at 60 degrees
  • bundled chores when I went to the gym

there’s probably more but mostly I didn’t do any extra shopping or buy the next season of sherlock like I really really really wanted to.

Tonight is pizza night. I may go into town to go to the bank and look for a dog blanket at te thrift store, but it’s so cold out I may just stay here and be warm.

We are in for another big storm this weekend. My daughter couldn’t get to work last Tuesday and Wednesday as I 80 was a blizzard mess and they even had it closed.  She has rarely missed work due to weather but this storm was just too much. It looks like a repeat next week so we’ll have to see what to do. In the past, she has gotten a hotel and spent one night if the snow is too much to drive home in.