Five Frugal Things Friday

Well, let’s see what this week was about. Since I was still coughing a lot I didn’t go out much.

  • Didn’t buy the shower curtains I need yet, so I’ll just wait till next payday.
  • We ate all our meals at home.
  • Did fewer loads of laundry
  • Didn’t buy the candles I wanted even though the price was great, shipping was more than the candles(beeswax).
  • Made chicken stock from the Costco chicken I bought
  • Ate food from the freezer and the freezer looks better

Next week I’ll be getting a Zaycon order of whole chickens so I need room in the freezer. I’m going to learn how to cut up a whole chicken. It was a great deal for natural not organic chickens. It is farm to table so I like that. No middle man essentially.

I started in on our taxes using Turbo tax online. Our taxes this year are very simple so I started putting in numbers. We have a ton of receipts for donations and they must be entered individually. So I’m going to wait another week or so to see if anything shows up in the mail but I’m not expecting any surprises. I know we haven’t gotten interest statements yet, but it’s going to be small since most of our cash accounts diminished this past year.


Dinner is Friday night pizza.