Five Frugal things Friday

Let’s see, we are into day 6 of our no spend month. So far doing pretty good. I will need to go to Costco this weekend for TP, cheese, and salad stuff, plus I am going to break the Pact and get my husband and son the Sonic care on sale. It’s $30 off so I don’t want to wait till next month. My son is again back at the dentist with cavities so I think it’s an essential thing, not just a want. So, on to the 5 things

  •  Didn’t buy any extra groceries at all
  • stayed home and didn’t drive any extra
  • made all meals at home and am looking in the freezer for next weeks menu
  • kept the fire going as it’s really cold out and kept space heaters at 60 degrees
  • bundled chores when I went to the gym

there’s probably more but mostly I didn’t do any extra shopping or buy the next season of sherlock like I really really really wanted to.

Tonight is pizza night. I may go into town to go to the bank and look for a dog blanket at te thrift store, but it’s so cold out I may just stay here and be warm.

We are in for another big storm this weekend. My daughter couldn’t get to work last Tuesday and Wednesday as I 80 was a blizzard mess and they even had it closed.  She has rarely missed work due to weather but this storm was just too much. It looks like a repeat next week so we’ll have to see what to do. In the past, she has gotten a hotel and spent one night if the snow is too much to drive home in.