Simple Sunday

WE are in for another big storm with lots of rain and WIND!! Rain I can handle. lots of wind not so much. But since we’ve gotten a lot of trees down there’s less stress. But we still have many big ponderosa pines around. Plus the ground is saturated, not a good combination. Oh well, we’ll see.

We are planning to drive to the gym together and maybe a coffee using a gift card. No spending there except a GC.

Update…. we started to head into town but could barely see out the windsheild so we turned around. I don’t want to make going to the gym a have to do. I’m quite disciplined so it’s not like I won’t go it’s more I can be OC about it and so this was good to just say it can wait till tomorrow.

So, here’s a few pictures of the front room after painting. I dont think it looks different in the pictures but in real life it’s amazing bright and clean looking. I’ve changed a few pictures around and some I may not add.


One of things I learned from the blog Louderminds  is that as an introvert, I need less visual stimuli or things around me. This young woman’s blog is quite interesting and I really learned some things about myself. She hasnt written in a while so I hope all is well with her.

So, a rainy Sunday. My sinuses are bothering me, I’ll take some of my Chinese herbs.


Dinner is sliders( burgers) and fries. or if I’m not feeling great some kinda of soup.