Friday, budget stuff and others things

It’s  been a long week and kinda a weird one. Nothing unusual just was difficult for me. I’m doing my usual stuff, walking every morning, flylady stuff, but I just feel like I’m plodding along . So, budget  seems ok. I still need to go in and pay property taxes, but I’m waiting till December 1. I think. I may go sooner and just get it done. Somehow I have this on Decembers budget so maybe that’s why. Everything else is done including getting propane. I need to budget that better next year. So, December will just be basics. Christmas money is all allotted ,so that’s done too. I’d like December to be as much as a no spend month as possible. B should get a bonus of some sort , so that will go in to the EF. Even if it’s a small one.

I’ve set some goals for 2016 for the budget so I’m going   really work at no spend days and cutting back groceries, which is one of our bigger expenses.  I’m working on a list of projects for 2016, to see what we can get done. Some are small like changing a ceiling fan to a smaller one without a light, to bigger like flooring. We’ll see. We really did great last year with upgrades.

Today, is my lab work, so I should know monday how my blood counts are. I won’t know the SPEP test or kappa LC till Wednesday. And speaking of the day before thanksgiving, we’ve got to go to Sacramento, I’m scheduled for my zometa, and doctor appt. it’s going to bed be challenging , first traffic, second, sometimes I get a reaction to zometa, so hopefully Thanksgiving is not a bust. I’m planning on getting most of my cooking done Tuesday, so I should be alright. We don’t over cook stuff anyway. Just nut loaf, some sides and a turkey breast.   Still  it takes time to pull it together.

also, next week another snow storm is due in on my daughters work days in Truckee so I worry about her driving in snow.

I’ve been busy with rearranging the pantry , since I had B order me 25 lbs of black beans , 25 lbs of pintos and 25 lbs of Lundberg   Long grain rice. All organic. So I’m moving the bulk stuff to another book case and rearranging the kitchen shelves. They’re stainless steel restaurant shelves, but I keep a curtain over it as I’m not keen on  them visuals of pantry stuff. This is my big project for January is to get some sort of closed cabinets there. This kitchen has no storage at all so it’s make due. If we ever sell, we will need something in place  so storage would be essential.

I dropped off a pretty big load at goodwill, and have another ready to go. I went in to look around , but I think my thrift store days are over. Back in the day , 80’s and 90’s, I was in Salvation Army 3 x s a week . Bought all my kids clothes and mine there. Great stuff. Then somehow people caught on and now, you’ve got people in there lookingfor resale stuff, hoarders, etc. there’s hardly ever and name brand stuff, or  they charge more for it. Once in a while I find something, but not too often. Now it’s easier for me to go to old navy and but a t shirt for 6 bucks , than rummage thru goodwill for a used $6 t shirt. I found a nice wool coat the other day there, they wanted $30 for it. What?? I’m not paying $30 for a used coat unless it’s amazing.

Well, off for that blood test and the rest of the day.

7 thoughts on “Friday, budget stuff and others things

  1. Hi, I’m writing an article for a Guide to Multiple Myeloma, which will be distributed to doctors’ offices across the country. I’d love to interview you. Please let me know if you are interested. I can be reached at: Thank you!

    • Sure, I’ll send you an email. I’m always happy to help with questions about multiple myeloma. When I was first diagnosed there wasn’t , that I’m aware of, any online help.. Like the myeloma beacon etc. That was in 2005!

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