Friday stuff

Well, the update is Pomalyst is not working for me. Its too bad really as I did so great on Revlimid till it too stopped being effective. But Pom since I started it back in march has done nothing. Basically numbers went up slightly but there was no reduction. Slight being .8 to .9 and then Kappa light chains would go from 930 to 1000 and then back to 930 or so. ┬áSo next week I’ll start weekly velcade. Ive never had velcade or another proteasome inhibitor(not sure how thats spelt), so Im very optimistic and my doctor felt I should get a good response. So we shall see. It will be challenging driving once a week to Sacramento but you do what you got to do. Also, I don’t have a newer car, my husband has the newer SantaFe for work, and I have a 1999 dodge caravan. So, we are going to have to look at getting me something more reliable. I really don’t want to beak down in morning rush hour on my way for my chemo;(

Im glad we going to do this though since I felt for most of this year Pomalyst been kinda a waste. We really hoped there would be a drop with each cycle but now it was clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Thanksgiving was lovely. lots of good food and leftovers today. Yeah,no cooking for me.

We stopped doing Black Friday a number of years ago, so I’m staying home tidying and B has to run to Home depot for something for a project. Thats it.