Rainy. Sunday

We’re getting a nice soaking of rain today , and tahoe is getting snow!!! Yeah! I’m sure all the ski resorts are very happy.

we walked ING rain and it was nice. Not a pounding rain just a nice gentle rain.

Today, I’m sorting thru Christmas lists. Mostly done. We’re giving money to our son, as he buys everything himself. My daughter is getting an electric guitar. Our budget for her $250, so she’ll,have to ante up the balance. We’ll add in some from my $ and dads $ as there’s nothing we need or really want. Plus we just spent $600 on gravel for our driveway, so merry Christmas !!

We don’t have much family. A brother I give $ to and my sister a few little gifts. That’s it. No parents etc.

we don’t really gift and friends . When I was at the library I gave some little things as gifts like homemade jams etc, but that’s it. So our holidays are pretty stress free. We also love to celebrate Hanukkha ( no we’re not Jewish, but atheists) but I love lighting the candles and the meaning of the lights.

Weird but that’s us.

One thought on “Rainy. Sunday

  1. I refuse to even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I drive by houses that have trees lit up inside already and outdoor lights up. Nothing says Christmas like stringing outdoor lights on your roof in December snow, lol. Really…I just want to enjoy turkey and pumpkin pie and candy corn right now. Every year I strive for a simple Christmas and then it takes on a life of its own. Have to bake cookies and fudge, have to make an ornament for the community tree-lighting, have to knit mittens for the angel tree….have to shop, shop, shop for 3 granddaughters. I’m always wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. I see why people do so much early shopping and prep but I think I like the rush, rush.

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