Just Keep Walking Project update

TaDa….. 2 years and 163 days of walking everyday with no misses. This past week when I felt pretty good ,i even went down to the park and walked another round. I could feel just the little bit more was good for me as I need to increase stamina.

But its a great thing to do. This morning with daylight savings, it didn’t matter what time it was, it was the light that got me out of bed. Or should I say the dark. I can tell when my body wakes up. I think I have chicken DNA since they’re up before daylight and go to bed at sunset…Ha Ha….

Well, we’ve got the rain coming in and some snow predicted. Since my daughter commutes to snow country, i told her be extra careful. Those semis on I80 don’t slow down and it seems once a week one of them is blocking lanes having turned over.

I might go out to the used bookstore today and look at cookbooks. Or just read what Ive got. Tonight we’re having some of the left over chicken and avocado cheese grilled tortillas. I saw the recipe on Pinterest and it looked good. Plus I have all the ingredients.