It’s cold out!

It is really really cold here. Like 33 degrees but it should get up to the mid 60’s. I only walked one round since it was freezing out. Literally it was 32 at the park. Maybe I’ll walk later.

We did a huge Costco trip yesterday and I think most of the food should last the whole month plus all the non food, dish soap, laundry soap etc. Nothing too much in the way of christmas gifts though. Nobody really wants anything special so I’m not sure what christmas will look like. Cash in envelopes? We always have had big christmases for our kids,so this year will be different since not much to get them. They pretty much get what they want themselves.

Today, I’m going into town to run a few errands and then home. I’m making some spaghetti sauce for dinner and I’ll do a salad.

I have a small load to take to good will but i’m going to wait till I have a little more. I’m still trying to figure out the best use of this space where my daughters room was. Right now I’ve got2 chairs in there and a file cabinet and 2 bookshelves that mostly have plants on top. I’d like to be able to lay down in the afternoon in here but that would mean a couch or bed and i don’t want to add that to the furniture so.. I’ll just have to keep looking at the space.

I’m in my second week of Pomalyst and again I’m feeling off a little, maybe a little dizzy so it must be Pom hitting me harder as the days go by. Also, low energy where I want to just kinda lie down. Also, my right lower ribs are bothering me. I hope its not a lesion or fracture. Usually i can tell when somethings off.