Rain and snow…

well, it’s happening here in Northern California . We’ve had rain all day and snow in the sierrsa. My daughter has to drive to Truckee tomorrow ,so I’m worried about snow on  I 80! Hopefully her CRV Honda will get her thru just fine. Today was a flylady clean the kitchen and other chores like vacumm. My husband did a lot of laundry and I think there’s more for tomorrow.


I have to go to the dentist for my next set of Invisalign trays and then drop off the good will  stuff.

Everyones off to work or school but me, so I’ll just keep the house warm and chores done.

Tonight we had a mushroom stroganoff with grilled green beans. Very yummy and used stuff I had. My freezer and pantry are very full so I’m going to do all menus from there.

I need to order propane this week , another expense, but necessary. The budget is definetly thin with propane, gravel ordered and paying some of the dentist bill. Ugh… It’s always something.

I’m half way thru my pomalyst cycle and just the other day I started to have pretty bad rib pain. I hope it’s not an active lesion. Rib fractures are the first to go for me so , I’ll have to tell my doctor and maybe order x rays. I guess it’s always something with myeloma, or is it just life…