Well, I finally caught something from either the library or someone brought germs in the house. I’m sniffly and sinusey. Not terrible but still … I’m taking lemon water, sinus stuff and some Chinese herbs. Otherwise I’ll let it run its course. No fever so, I’m ok there. With my BMB on Friday im hoping I’ll be better. I don’t think getting my hip drilled will make a lot of difference to my sinuses but I’d prefer if I’m not too under the weather. Speaking of weather the same day ( Friday) were in for rain and wind. Oh joy that will help my stress levels. 😬

Well, it’s pay day, and I’m off to get cash for groceries and fill up my van. I saw gas at 2.07 yesterday so that’ll help. I need some groceries but my head feels 10 times bigger than it is so I’ll wait.

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