BMB or for those of you who don’t have cancer… The details…

So, it started off ok. Got to the hospital on time, checked in on time and then it was APITA, or pain in the ass. Waiting , waiting. My 10 o’clock time came and went . On top
Of it no water, no food, God, no coffee… The worst was the nurses, although nice seemed very confused. They kept saying we need the protocols for a bone marrow biopsy … I’m not sure what they needed if they’ve done this a zillion times. I was not happy an let them know. I felt Mercy San Juan in Sacramento was a joke. Very Untogether. So, two plus hours later.. But when I got in to the ct room with the radiologist doing the procedure it was fine. They use a new tool that’s like a drill. I went under, it was done and now I’m just a little sore. It’ll take 3-5 days to find out how many plasma cells are in the marrow. It’s probably a little barbaric to get drilled in your hip, but whatca gonna do.

The first thing I made my husband do is stop at Starbucks for coffee !

Hopefully it’ll be ok, I’m planning to go to work tomorrow, not really do any lifting but I can check patrons out.
I see how I wake up.