So, I’m really happy with all my tests results except my kappa free light chains. They came back still high in the 788 range. So high normal is 19..hummm
I just can’t get my head around is this a problem waiting to happen. Has it been this way for the last year and we didn’t know since it was a year ago it was tested. At that time it came back @68 . I can’t remember the exact number but in that range.
BUT, with no anemia, no new lesions, urine normal( no protein) IGG normal. WTF does it mean ?? Maybe it’s… Well, of course we know it’s myeloma but what are we waiting for. I have 2 cycles of revlimid to use. This is because I got sent the prescription early. So, I’ll do that cycle in March. And then maybe I should tell my doctor, should we do the Velcade. Now I’m not jumping because it’s a weekly shot and I haven’t had it so, I’d have to take off from work till I know how I am with it.
OR do nothing for now. GEEZ….. I’m not a doctor. Im just guessing at this stuff.

I guess I’m waiting to see him in March and ask. I know I’ll be laid off from the best little job I’ve ever had sometime this year so wait…

I really don’t like ambiguity so… I guess I’ll have to just be ok with it till we get some sort of definitive answer.


So I decided to emessage my doctor.
He was kind enough to respond promptly. Basically, he said I am producing light chains as one of the antibodies. But because I have no evidence of myeloma activity, all he can say is I’m producing the light chains.
So, I think I understand better and feel ok about it. I wish I wasn’t but that’s not the way it is. But the great news is as he said, there is no evidence of myeloma advancing.