Good news from the doctor!!!

Well, all in all, the tests he says everything looks good.
My 24 hour urine is normal,my IGG is normal, my xrays show lyric lesions(as would be expected of a myeloma patient) but none are new or showing critical, and the biopsy shows 6.8 plasma cells which is pretty low. It shows minimal myeloma cells and MILDLY
Excessive kappa cells. So I’m thrilled.
No change of treatment, I’ll start revlimid tomorrow and DEX on Sunday. I asked for dex to go down to 12 mg, just so it might help with the dex stuff.

I sorta got the feeling he wanted to stop everything and see what happens but I told him I’ve got 2 bottles of rev, and I might as well go thru two more cycles, see what my numbers are then.

Im pretty happy about it and I see a champagne bottle in my future somewhere.

On another note, I decluttered another couple of things so hence the quote at the top.
I’m too tired to go today but I will soon.