Beautiful weather

It is so beautiful here in Northern California. we have been around 70 degrees. Sorry east coast people. Of course we need the rain, but in th meanwhile it’s great.

We have ordered a bunch of seeds from Territorial seeds and they should be here soon. My daughter is really the gardener these days. But I love to use what she is growing.
We have parsley, cilantro, and chives ready to use.
Our flowering cherry tree is in bloom and the lilacs have buds. Our chickens are laying lots of eggs and I’m selling our surplus. They are so beautiful and I’m only charging $3.00 a real deal for free range eggs.

Did the bathroom zone sunday and B put up our new towel rack. It’s holding hand towels and wash cloths. It’s a nice fix, and was only $20 on Amazon. My daughter gifted me an amazon card so I have enough to buy an ebook , I think!

I’m reading Book of Life, the 3rd in the trilogy. It’s a little wordy but I like it better than the second. My ebook from the library expired so, I ll have to see about putting it back on.
I’m back on rev and DEX. My dex was 12 and quite manageable, although I did get the red face for a few hours.

I’m off to the library today and an extra shift tomorrow. I’m thinking since it’s only a matter of time before I’m gone I’ll do extra shifts when I can. I want to save up for an air Mac book. So…..
I’m making anothe pizza for dinner only because I’ve got the dough in the fridge.
I asked a blogger I read, about the Breville pizza maker and she and her husband love it so. On my quest for the perfect pizza I may splurge. I’ll check with my husband first. It’s not too big and I can keep it under our stainless steel counter island.
It’s on sale for $150 and free shipping. Would you buy it?

Well, it’s off for the day.

On our morning walk!!!

On our morning walk!!!