Rainy Sunday

So, my hip has felt fine, and I’ve still walked every morning. I’m maybe just a little stiff and I’m being careful bending. I’m hoping to get the biopsy reports at least by Thursday when I see the doctor. This will tell us how many plasma cells are in there. Then we need a plan. I’m not sure which way we’ll go, I think I’m going to wait and see what he says.

It’s been a rainy weekend in California. But, wind was predicted but so far not bad. I like the rain, not the wind. B and I went to grocery outlet, then bel air shopping.

I’m making broccoli cheddar soup for dinner. Not too much Flylady stuff today. But tomorrow is the kitchen zone. I need to make
Menus for the week, and use what’s in the freezer.

Today was day 621 walking in the JKWP( just keep walking project)!