Wow, it’s already July. We are having such hot weather. The house is closed up at dawn and coolers started. Today, is suppose to be only 95, but back up to a 100 next week. I think I’m going to have to get a window cooler for my sons room as he doesn’t get any circulation at all in there.
I’m off today and have already done a bunch of things but still there’s a bit more. The touch up paint, eBay stuff, and I want to try and make pickled jalapeños. The recipe is from the blogger eatdrinkgarden.com ,I think that’s right. Also, keep watering everything. Our water bill is going to be high.

My husband and son are going up to the high sierra music festival. they’re taking the tent trailer. My husband likes to do these things but not me, so it’s nice Z is going with him. Z was suppose to go backpacking but it’s so hot I don’t think it’s a good idea. In some of these canyons it can get to be 110 if it’s 100 outside. So not good for hiking with a 50 lb pack.

I’m off till Saturday as the library is closed Friday. It seems silly to open Saturday , but that’s the county.

Tonight is pizza night. And then Friday BBQ or something. Since it’s only Sachi and me will see. I’m starting to feel a little panicky about retirement and money. We’ve never really saved and now were on the count down. I feel like we just can’t afford to support 2 adult children and in the next year or so they need to move out. My social security is a joke, and that’s one of the reasons I work my small job. It’ll be my husbands that’ll support us but, do we stay in this house with a $1500 mortgage. It’s scary and I don’t know really what we’ll do. Plus, how will my health be? Geez, I must be having  an anxiety day…
I suppose it’s best to just keep minimalizing, and saving what we can.

2 thoughts on “July

  1. It’s never too late to start saving or retirement. Anything you can put aside will make your life easier when you stop working.

    It might be worth it to pay an independent financial advisor (who charges by the hour for advise, not the type who is in business just to sell you investment instruments)a few hundred $s to look at where you are and give you some third-part professional advise.
    Worth the expense!

    A $1500 mortgage? When will it be paid off?…..shortly into retirement or are we talking 10+ years? If you are over 50 you need to start the retirement planning process soon….not to put any pressure on you. 😎

    And yes, adult children need to NOT be living off the largesse of mom and dad….. 😉

    • I know it’s crazy to pay that but we live in very expensive California in a desirable area. We made the mistake of refinancing @7 years ago and were ripped off by the broker who escalated the value of our house. So when the bottom dropped out of RE we were under water. We are just now recuperating. No, it won’t be paid off so hence, what are we going to do?
      We are now putting money in a 401 but it’s kinda a little too little too late. But it is at 18% and next year I’d like it to be 25%. So something is going in there.
      I’m always trying to process what we’re doing and reading other peoples blogs for ideas. It helps.
      Both my adult children are in school but yikes still??? When are you moving out?

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