Budget updates!

So, we’ve had 9 no spend days, so very good. 

Then payday ,today, got cash for gas, and Costco. Did pretty well only $100 for food, but non food we splurged and bought some potting soil, a pot for the sweet potatoes, new pillows ,we needed. I got a t shirt,$10 and B got a nice dress shirt $20. So I’ll have to figure non food out if my food money, but I think it was good. Also put $100 in Santa, and $100 in savings.

B has changed our w4 so it will be less deductions and therefore more federal,tax taken out. We cannot have a repeat of this next year. So that’s going to affect our take home too. Oh well, it’s always something.

Found out a old acquaintance died recently of brain cancer. I guess she went all over, including Mexico , looking for cures. I don’t know, as a cancer survivor and patient, I think there’s a time to let go. But, who am I to say.

Also, everyone, March is multiple myeloma awareness month, so support someone with Myeloma, say hi, or help out. You can even make donations to the leukemia and lymphoma society. (LLS )!

2 thoughts on “Budget updates!

  1. 9 no spend days out of 19 days is pretty awesome, great job. It doesn’t sound like you splurged that much as you didn’t buy anything too crazy – seems more like necessities so I wouldn’t worry about it!

    Hopefully your taxes work out for 2014 and that you just get a small return instead of owing much.

  2. Thanks for the support. We knew when we sold some of my husbands stock that we were going to get hit with taxes. We put it aside but it’s still tough when we are trying so hard to get ahead.
    We sold the stock because I wanted to have some money in our EF, it’s on my bucket list to just know we had some money in a savings account.

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