Rain and Thursday budget stuff

It must have rained over night and it was still sprinkling on my walk. But at least it wasn’t cold. It’s much better if it’s just a little warmer as my body does better. 

Payday was good relatively speaking. I ordered propane to the tune of $377. Oh well, at least we’re warm. all the bills are in and I took $200 for groceries. Probabably not realistic but I’ll try. 

There’s tons of little birds in the yard, I think they’re Oregon sparrows. Our Christmas tree lives on in the garden. I have to say it was a great tree. I wouldn’t do it again( order on line) but it must have bee cut days before shipping and still looks great. Usually we put peanut butter pine ones on it for the birds. But I don’t see that my daughter did that. 

My son just left for college, just for classes . But he might as well live some where  else as he’s not home too much since the new GF. I’m ok with that for the most part. Still not sure how the morman thing is going to play out. She’s a Morman or at least her family is. I’m fairly religiously tolerant, but do have a hard time with the whole Joseph smith gold tablets and the whole premise of how you get to heaven? 

ugh, what does that mean? If you need a great read about some Morman history ,try the 19 th wife. It’s superb.