Thursday miscellaneous.

I was out the door at 5:58 to walk. We’re trying to avoid the giant diesel truck guy who comes to walk @6:45. I cannot stand the smell of those fumes, so we are trying to get out earlier. It seems we’re out earlier and so is he. Hummm… Well, it was chilly this morning. 

Then get home and my son is up and looking for the jam in the fridge, so I look , can’t find it because it’s not where it’s suppose to be and then a jar of olives NOT closed spills all over. So after 2 hours I finally have the fridge cleaned and ,yes, I found the jam. What a mess. 

Then, I need to go get my prescriptions, and I thought I’d go to walmart, which is @ 20 minutes from us. But then I decide to go get my Keen sandals from a local shoe store. I used a gift card so pretty nice. Theyre a little tighter than my last pair but the same size. I figure ok, I can’t really return them anyway, I’ve worn them but without socks they are fine. 

Nice day home, ( after the refrigerator disaster). My daughter had to go empty like umpteen jars of stuff. 

Tonight is meatloaf from Costco , and my son is bringing his girlfriend. Hummmm. 

So that’s it, tomorrow , back to work at the best little job in the world.

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