Overbearing? Me?

Well, another issue with my 19 year old. So, his Prius , that we have given him needs now an instrument panel. Well, thank whatever, that it’s covered by warranty. Because I’d be flipping if we had to pay out another $1000 on this car.

But the issue is he’s going to use my husbands car for the next 3 days for work. So, last night he’s here with his girlfriend . She is nice as I’ve said, but I think they are spending way too much time together and I’d like him to try and find some balance with work school, and GF. So they had been out all day together, and then home and we had dinner. And she immediately after dinner is throwing up. So, we figure she had gotten dehydrated and had a migraine. I was concerned it was stomach flu and I CANNOT risk being around sick people, if I can help it.

So, he says he’s going to drive her home, fine I say but be right back. Mostly I’m concerned about spreading germs. So, then he calls and says he’s going to stay a while. I say No, I want you home.

So, he comes in 45 minutes later, says I’m overbearing and other stuff. And I’m like ,look, I think seeing her before work, after work and all day is a bit much. Now,mind you, she is not living at home and we don’t really know why. She’s very emotional and needy. Now, he’s fallen right into being the one she needs.

Ive done pretty well dealing with the Mormon thing. But now I feel all he’s doing is sleeping here. So then I say you are using dad’s car for work ,period. And then he says I’m overbearing. But I feel strongly about him not taking advantage ,which he does do. It’s all about what he wants and I’m usually giving it too him. So when I say be home after work at 9pm and not go to GFs , he thinks I’m controlling him. Really it’s 9:30 at night and you just saw her this morning. What is up?

so, anyone with 19 year olds and who has been thru it what to do?

Let it go, say theses are the rules? HELP????

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