Well, the tax man cometh:(

It is pretty bad. Worst than I had calculated. We figured we be hit by the stock sale and we were but without our son as a dependent because he claimed himself, it added more. Well, it’s done. We have it set for April 10. I can’t make it up in those 2 months but maybe I can get a small part put aside. We did put the $6000 away for this but since it’s more we will just have to be really careful with any spending and that means getting the Santa Fe  is off the table. I’m going to try and get my van in to the shop and get at least the shocks done so pulling the tent trailer will be better. 

Oh well, I’m depressed about it but tomorrow is another day.

Raining non stop!


This is quite a rain storm. Fortunately no wind and relatively warm.

I meant to finish this yesterday but dex took over and I did other stuff and then crashed.

I almost finished the bathroom zone, very easy, but I want to clean the vent this morning.

plus I usually cook a lot, so I made pizza dough that proofs in the fridge, an artichoke ,garlic frittata ( new recipe), cut up salad vegies( my new thing now to get it done).

Did some home blessing stuff for today, my husband did laundry, then I rested for a few hours.

The rain kept up yesterday and on our walk we were warm under our new

“Frogg Toggs”, but our feet got soaked. Still we did our 2 miles. imageThese are a great product my husband bought us each a pair for Christmas, I would highly recommend.