Rain and Friday budget updates for February

It’s raining a lot . Walked this morning but got my shoes wet. But still ok. Not too cold. Rain is expected all weekend. It’s okay we really do need it and it’s not a storm…

so I received my revlimid yesterday. Ups showed up at 6 pm. It’s suppose to be before noon. But since we live rurally they don’t guarantee it. So I missed book club . Then I still didn’t get a call from the nurse on my m protein ( SPEp ) test. So I will have to call. 

So February updates. We had 15 no spend days. Pretty good. Food and non food came @ $750. That’s good for us. The unexpected car repairs came out of EF , so I’m slowly adding that back in. I hope March can be another low/ no spend. Also, I will aim for 10 no spend days.


One thought on “Rain and Friday budget updates for February

  1. I love all your budgeting comments. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the minority to have to budget like that. We live mostly on social security & when you do believe me, you have to budget every cent & then rebudget again & again. Best wishes for a low M-spike.

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